Hi, Energy! Hello Opel Astra Electric! The car that makes freedom part of your journey: Enjoy an electrifying design, short charging times and a generous range of up to 418 km. https://www.opel.de/fahrzeuge/astra-modelle/astra-electric/uebersicht.html

The Opel Astra is fully electric for the first time in its long success story and it is available to order now. The compact class underlines the electrifying driving pleasure with an award-winning, pure and bold design. The new Astra Electric conveys pure locally emissions-free driving fun. The electric motor delivers 115 kW/156 hp and a powerful 270 Newton metres of maximum torque – both available from the first touch of the accelerator pedal.​

Inside, the detoxed Pure Panel with its innovative features, saftey systems and 360° advanced parking make every drive as comfortable as possible – and the extended head-up display lets you focus on the road ahead. Bold and pure design stand out wherever the Astra Electric goes. Feel free to choose 100% electric and explore boundless freedom here: https://www.opel.de/fahrzeuge/astra-modelle/astra-electric/uebersicht.html?utm_source=SocialMedia_Opel_INT&utm_medium=SOC-RPR&utm_campaign=AstraElectric_DE_OP_VN_Astra-OV51_Launch_SOC-RPR_P_TF_CLICKS_NA_BEV&partner_uid=HashedMail

Find more videos about the Astra Electric in our playlist: https://s.opel.com/qp5sml

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