For Opel, future-oriented motorsport is not only electric, but also more diverse. Fasten your seatbelts – here comes creative female power! Berlin artist Elisa Klinkenberg transforms the Opel Corsa Rally Electric into an Art Car with statement. https://www.facebook.com/OpelMotorsport

With the Opel Corsa Rally Electric designed by Elisa Klinkenberg we are emphasising that Opel is more electric, dynamic and diverse than ever. Driven purely by electricity, the Opel Corsa Rally Electric is breaking with convention in rallying and as of now – in art alike.

The word “E[M]POWER!” on the Corsa’s roof stands not only for the power of electricity, which drives all the Cup cars, but also for the power of the female teams. On the side of the art car Klinkenberg painted the confident message: “We drive our way. We are leaders. We drive with confidence. We drive with tailwind. Because we are many and we are loud. It’s time for a FEMALE DRIVE.”

Three all-female teams vying for glory with their male rivals in this season’s Cup are also making a clear statement. The innovative concept of the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup is a prime example of how to successfully link promotion of young talents and electric motorsport for more sustainability. “The Corsa Rally Electric is a car driven in rallies by women and proves that we can achieve a lot together,” says Klinkenberg. Together with Opel, she wants to show how motorsport, art, equality and lifestyle fit together.

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