What if we’re shaping the future of mobility? Opel will be all electric by 2028. Our Opel Experimental concept car gives a clear vision where Opel will be heading in the years to come. Get ready for a change with its ultra-modern exterior that represents the pinnacle of innovation in aero efficiency!

Witness the evolution of Opel’s Bold and Pure design philosophy, where technical skills meets extreme interpretation: every curve, every contour speaks of a harmonious blend of modern German design, a detoxed driving experience and greenovation. https://www.opel.com/opel-experimental.html ​
Say goodbye to traditional wing mirrors and say hello to fully integrated 180-degree cameras on the C-pillars, paving the way for the future of vehicle design. Get excited about the the next generation 4D Opel Vizor front design.​
Underneath its sleek and dramatic silhouette lies the heart of a pioneer: this battery-electric crossover, based on the state-of-the-art Stellantis BEV platform, is not just about looks – it’s about performance with a conscience. ​
But here’s the twist – what you’ve seen is just the beginning. The Opel Experimental concept car is a signpost to the future of driving.

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