During the course of his lifetime, Enzo Ferrari received thousands of letters from children all over the world. He took great pride in reading and answering them all, but many wishes remained unfulfilled.

Every letter he received was carefully kept and treasured in the Ferrari archives through the years.

Earlier this year we came across some of those letters. Touching the paper faded by the passing of time, we were overwhelmed by the love that those children showed for Enzo Ferrari and his company. By their ideas, their drawings, their wishes.

Childhood dreams continue to live on even when we grow up. So, this holiday season we decided to make some of them come true.

We contacted the authors of those letters, 40 years later. Unlike their letters, their passion has not faded with time – if anything, it is had grown even stronger than before as the years passed.

There is no greater gift than rediscovering your dreams. Happy holidays from Ferrari.
#Ferrari #KeepOnDreaming

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