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In 2020, Mulliner Classic embarked on the first project in its Continuation Series. By combining the latest digital technology with time-honoured craft techniques, the team created a prototype of the first new Bentley Blower for close to 90 years – followed by a dozen new cars.

The team began work in earnest by sympathetically and carefully dismantling a priceless 1929 Bentley Team Blower. The aim was to catalogue and digitally scan each individual component, to create a complete digital model of this legendary car that could then be used as a blueprint for the new cars.

Yet even after creating their digital catalogue and, crucially, restoring the Team Blower to its original state, significant challenges remained – starting with the availability of parts. Components for a car built in the Roaring Twenties can’t just be ordered online, after all.

The team therefore made almost every part from scratch, in many cases using the original 1920s moulds and tooling jigs, to ensure they matched those in the original car exactly. They then assembled the first new coachbuilt Bentley Blowers to be built since the era of the Bentley Boys.

As direct descendants of the original Team Blower, each of the new Continuation Series cars featured four-cylinder, 16-valve engines with an aluminium crankcase, cast iron cylinder liners and non-detachable cast-iron cylinder heads. The all-important supercharger, meanwhile, is an exact replica of the Amherst Villiers Mk IV roots-type supercharger, helping the 4,398 cc engine to develop 240 bhp at 4,200 rpm.

0.00 – Intro
0.10 – An Original Bentley Blower
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1.15 – The History of the Bentley Blower
2.25 – The Assembly Line
6.11 – How to Drive the Bentley Blower
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