We’ve partnered with The Little Car Company, the world leader in hand-built junior cars, to create an 85% scaled reimagination of the historic Bentley Blower.

The Bentley Blower Junior is so much more than a tribute to the 1929 record-breaking original. It’s the proud continuation of a heritage that stretches back over 100 years.

Impeccably hand-built, it features components of the highest quality, including a carbon fibre body, aluminium bonnet and chrome-plated radiator cover.

Fully road legal, powered by a 48-volt powertrain with a 15KW (20 (bhp) motor, this is a car that can reach top speeds of 45mph in the UK and EU with an expected range of up to 65 miles.

The lightweight design and carefully chosen materials combine with a range of cutting-edge technology inside – with the iconic supercharger of the original repurposed as a charging port. So, while the Bentley Blower is a look back at our past, the Bentley Blower Junior most definitely faces our future.

Model shown is in a pre-production state.

Discover more: https://click.bentley/47B8i8w