Our customers move the world.

They ensure that goods and people reach their destinations, that our everyday lives can function, and that prosperity is created. Studies show that demand for mobility and transport will continue to grow. The products and services of our customers will be needed more in the future than they are today or in the past.

The driving force for us at Daimler Truck is to provide our customers with the best possible support in their work. We develop the right vehicles and services for them: efficient & electric; safe & automated; reliable & connected. We are always there for our customers – for all who keep the world moving. That’s our mission and what drives us – and what unites us across divisions and brands.

The same applies to the fundamental principles with which we approach our work: We start our work with listening carefully to our customers. We want to understand them. Only in this way can we develop technologies that truly solve problems. We approach our work with the long view. We do not compromise merely to find quick fixes. Sustainable solutions are our goal. And we know that, together, we can get reach that goal faster. Teamwork is not lip service for us; we live it every day. We learn from each other and develop new technologies together — across our brands and divisions.