The reviews for Vantage are in. Discover more below.

The Telegraph (UK) – 5 Stars – “the new Vantage truly fills the shoes of this important name and is a hugely enjoyable and entertaining drive, which is why it’s a five-star car.”

Top Gear (UK) – 9/10 – “it’s precise, exciting and feels special even when you’re just dawdling along. We like.”

EVO (UK) – 4 ½ stars – “The new Vantage is about feel, feedback and carefully resolved details, and it’s one of the most dynamically rewarding Aston Martins yet.”

Autocar (UK) – 4 ½ stars – “So sit back, enjoy the easy breathing of the chassis, the very heavy breathing of that engine, and crack on having fun in one of the most charming and entertaining sports coupés of the moment.”

Auto Express (UK) – “The Aston Martin Vantage is now better than ever, making it one of the most complete sports cars on sale today”

The Daily Mail (UK) – “The vigorous new Vantage gives Aston Martin a clear advantage in the competition to attract customers who enjoy real driving pleasure above bragging rights about Top Trumps statistics.”

The Intercooler (UK) – 9/10 – “And you can push the nose through a turn with nothing less than absolute confidence as the precision of the steering and brakes compliment each other”

Pistonheads (UK) – “It says something of the available performance that it feels awesomely fast even on a big, wide expanse of tarmac”

Motor 1 (USA) – “The Vantage makes you smile and giggle, it’s an activation of your inner child rather than a sobering, logical, adult object. And as corny as it sounds, it makes you fall in love.”

Road and Track (USA) – “We need to cherish cars like the Vantage as we move towards the brave new world.”

AutoBlog (USA) – “In the $200,000 range, the Vantage will have to contend with the sharp end of the Porsche 911 lineup where the GT3 and Turbos reside, though any 911 lacks the sense of occasion the Aston Martin has”

MotorTrend (USA) – “Finally, the Vantage loses any remaining slivers of not being a serious sports car, stepping into the performance and driving experience realm of upper-range 911s and AMG GTs.”

Robb Report (USA) – “when on track, the harder you drive it, the more it talks to you, giving you the confidence to safely close in on both your limits and that of the car.”

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