What’s the My Porsche App and how can it keep you connected to your Porsche?
This Spot On tutorial episode is here to show you. First, download it here: https://apps.apple.com/lv/app/my-porsche/id1559529059.

The app is your ideal companion for unlocking the full potential of your Porsche, from enabling you to check the status of your vehicle to controlling its functions. And it all happens from your smartphone. Watch the video for your guide to using the My Porsche App features.

Episode navigation:
0:00 – Introduction
0:34 – Requirements for using the app
0:50 – Logging in and using the home screen
1:13 – Connection statuses
1:53 – Exploring functions
2:55 – Troubleshooting connectivity
3:15 – Navigation
3:50 – Discover tab
4:00 – Account
4:26 – Outro

To fully activate the My Porsche App set up, you need:
– Active connect services
– A registered Porsche ID
– Smartphone with the latest operating system
– Cellular connection

► How to connect and use the My Porsche App functions:
You can view the current status of your car on the app, and set or adjust your vehicle’s settings. You’ll also find Porsche-specific information such as news, events and exclusive content.
First, login with your Porsche ID in your vehicle as well as in the My Porsche App. Via the home screen or vehicle tab you can see the current My Porsche App vehicle status – the green check mark indicates that your car is closed and locked. Pulling the screen down to refresh, the connection to your car can be updated. You can also start and stop air conditioning immediately and open and close the vehicle via the shortcut on the home screen. At the very bottom, various recommendations are shown, which you can also hide. When you click on ‘details’, further information and functions are shown (or you can tap on your vehicle image).

Directly book an appointment with your Porsche dealer via the ‘functions’ tab. You can use different features depending on your Porsche model. In the Porsche communication manager services section, once you establish WiFi with your car, you can then use applications like the calendar to synchronize calendar entries with your vehicle.

► Maps:
In the ‘map’ section, you can see where your car is located. If you have more than one Porsche vehicle in your account, you can swipe and select them to see where each is located. To find any of your vehicles by walking, get directions by tapping ‘navigate to vehicle’. You can also search and select a destination and send it to your Porsche. Save your favourites by selecting the star icon and these will be automatically synchronised with your car.
► Discover:
Here, you can discover content about the Porsche brand and, for example, sign up for Porsche events.
► Account:
Here, view and change your personal info, review messages, request roadside assistance, update settings, view and manage your garage, or add a new vehicle.

My Porsche App not working?
To check the connection status during My Porsche App usage, look next to the vehicle name as it will show whether it is currently available for data transfer. If the connection status is red, the vehicle is not connected. This could be because your vehicle might be missing a cellular network connection e.g. if you are in an underground parking garage, or the server may not be currently accessible. Please keep in mind that it can take a few seconds until your current vehicle data is synced with the app.
Top tip: If you encounter issues with your connection, open your phone settings, tap on ‘WiFi’ and then select the icon next to your vehicle’s WiFi network. After, deactivate the private address setting.
Thank you for joining us for this My Porsche App tutorial, and we hope you enjoy making it the perfect companion for your Porsche.

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