Here at Bentley, we’re committed to supporting organisations on the front line of environmental innovation, through a newly formed Bentley Environmental Foundation whose purpose is to fund pioneering, discovery-led initiatives that can make a positive impact beyond our own business needs.

The ocean covers 70% of our planet and so it is central to the solution of climate change, mangrove trees, seagrass meadows, and kelp forests have declined drastically due to climate change and human activities and so restoring these is vital.

Through the Bentley Environmental Foundation we support SeaTrees, who are committed to supporting local communities and scientists that plant and protect blue carbon coastal ecosystems, helping regenerate our ocean planet by planting mangroves, restoring kelp forests, seagrass meadows, coral reefs, and coastal watersheds.

Via the Bentley Environmental Foundation we’ll support the funding for projects of this nature, expanding the current programme in Kenya – one that seeks to restore 100+ hectares of degraded mangrove forest within Malindi Watamu National Marine Park and Reserve, whilst also scaling the project into Europe for the first time with seagrass and kelp projects in Portugal and Spain. The projects support the planting and protection of mangrove trees, seagrass meadows, and kelp forests through three local restoration partners.

Discover more: https://click.bentley/3QT6UIy