Sustainability and bold innovation have always been part of Bentley’s brand ethos. The Bentley Environmental Foundation looks to help solve some of the most important challenges facing humanity, representing a long-term financial commitment to raise funds for sustainability initiatives worldwide.

One cause that the foundation is actively supporting is The Biomimicry Institute, which empowers changemakers to create and scale nature-inspired solutions to address the most pressing environmental and social challenges the world faces.

Its work demonstrates that through the conscious emulation of nature’s time-tested philosophies and processes humans can learn to create transformative solutions for the modern world that are in balance with nature.

The Ray of Hope Prize, aims to help humanity use this principle within the fields of education, culture and industry – to address humanity’s biggest challenges. Through its support of entrepreneurs and changemakers The Biomimicry Institute can take an idea, and support to scale this up into industry – leading us into a nature-inspired future and ensuring more nature inspired solutions create impact at scale.

As partners to The Biomimicry Institute our aim is to transition the Ray of Hope Prize program into a fully-fledged fellowship program that supports between 10 and 30 changemakers per year as well as start-ups that address the systemic climate and societal challenges.

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