The Opel Experimental interior is designed to create a pure and immersive experience, allowing drivers to stay fully engaged. Opel offers you a glimpse of unparalleled spaciousness and cutting-edge design that challenges convention.​

Prepare to be amazed by the seamlessness of innovation as the steering wheel folds away when not in use. This feat is made possible by the revolutionary steer-by-wire system, eliminating the need for traditional mechanical steering components. The result? A newfound sense of space and a driving experience unburdened by unnecessary clutter.​

Opel’s quest for liberation of space is further epitomized by the lightweight adaptive seats within the Opel Experimental. Its seats embody the fusion of lean yet durable structures with 3D mesh-technology fabrics, ensuring a level of seating comfort . Are you prepared to embrace the future of automotive design and comfort? If you don’t want to miss out more about our concept car, visit us at #IAA 2023 in Munich or hit the subscribe button! ​

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