Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – America’s toughest hill climb brings a new challenge and a special debut in 2018: Porsche started its own race class. The Cayman GT4 Clubsport Trophy by Yokohama, with eight handpicked drivers contesting the competition.

This video takes you on a journey to a success story written by Porsche and the second-oldest car race in the USA that has been six decades in the making. 156 corners, a 19.99-kilometer course and 1,439 meters of altitude – the imposing numbers of the “Pikes Peak International Hill Climb” in Colorado. From the first Porsche victory in a 356A Speedster to the remarkable string of successes by Jeff Zwart since 1994 and the introduction of the new Porsche class in 2018: This hill climb never gets dull! A class of their own for eight hand-picked drivers in the Cayman GT4 Clubsport made for an exhilarating contest at the “race to the clouds.”

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