On April 16, Isuzu Group Leadership Summit (IGLS) 2024, the first event of its kind for the Isuzu Group, was held in Tokyo. The event was part of the Group’s initiatives to transform the organization and position itself to meet the needs of customers and society in the future.

The Isuzu Group leadership team, consisting of domestic and overseas affiliates, explored new leadership strategies through group work, not being afraid to break from past conventions. In addition, a special guest was invited to discuss leadership and its role in innovation.

Participants also delved into the workings of ISUZU ID, ISUZU Transformation (IX) mid-term business plan, and HR system reforms.

For more information of ISUZU ID: https://www.isuzu.co.jp/world/company/vision.html
For more information of ISUZU Transformation (IX): https://www.isuzu.co.jp/world/newsroom/details/20240403_1.html

4月16日、いすゞは全世界でグループ一丸となって組織の変革と社会課題の解決に取り組むため、いすゞグループにとって初めてのイベントとなるIsuzu Group Leadership Summit(IGLS) を開催しました。


また、「ISUZU ID」や4月3日に公表した中期経営計画「ISUZU Transformation(IX)」、人事制度改革などいすゞグループの戦略的優先事項に対する理解を深め、 グループが進むべき方向に対する認識を揃えました。


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