Introducing the new Frontera, designed from the ground up to energize your journey. With its striking design, its spacious interior and its silent, electric drive, you can simply recharge your drive! https://www.opel.de/fahrzeuge/frontera/frontera-electric/uebersicht.html

It’s time to recharge! Discover the all new Opel Frontera. Filled with energizing features that turn every journey into a joy ride.

Dive in and:
⚡ … feel the recharging comfort of innovative ergo-seats.
⚡ … store all the fun you can think of with 1600L load volume.
⚡ … enjoy flawless cockpit control with Pure Panel technology.

The new #OpelFrontera turns every frown upside down.
Get in, recharge, repeat!
Learn more about the new Frontera here: https://www.opel.de/fahrzeuge/frontera/frontera-electric/uebersicht.html

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Opel does not yet have any binding consumption and emission values for this vehicle.

Opel Frontera: 🔋 XX kWh;📍 up to XXX km (WLTP¹ )

¹ Preliminary range values determined according to WLTP test procedure methodology (R (EC) No. 715/2007, R (EU) No. 2017/1151). The actual range can vary under everyday conditions and depends on various factors, in particular on personal driving style, route characteristics, outside temperature, use of heating and air conditioning and thermal preconditioning. Vehicle not available yet.