We’ve teamed up with Dezeen for a series of Lighthouse Talks looking at the future of mobility and how we as humans will be impacted by the rapid developments in the transport sector.

With modernised public transport, expansion of electrification, adoption of shared- and micro-mobility, and the sophistication of autonomous vehicles all progressing, the second talk in the series aims to discuss these changes. Whilst our panel of experts uncover some of the innovations in this sector, look to understand what the barriers to implementation may be, and question the impact of these changes on people’s lives.

Our panel of experts includes:

Max Fraser, editorial director at Dezeen
Yves Béhar, founder and principal designer at Fuseproject Kirsty Dias, managing director at PriestmanGoode
Robin Page, design director at Bentley Motors
Karla Jakeman, head of automated transport, TRL