Presenting Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis – a Private Collection inspired by the seldom-seen wonder of a solar eclipse.

Harnessing the incredible forces of this celestial phenomenon, these exquisite commissions explore the captivating interplay of light and darkness, recreating the awe-inspiring moment when the Moon completely obscures the Sun.

The purity of Rolls-Royce Ghost, infused with the subversive Black Badge spirit, presents the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective with the perfect canvas and limitless possibility to express the beauty of this wonder of the universe.

The launch of these highly Bespoke motor cars, limited to just 25 examples, coincides with the annular solar eclipse visible in parts of the Western Hemisphere on 14 October.

Discover Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis: https://bit.ly/46DHC60

#BespokeIsRollsRoyce #RollsRoyceBlackBadgeGhost

NEDCcorr (combined) CO2 emission: 359 g/km; Fuel consumption: 15.8 mpg / 18.0 l/100km. WLTP (combined) CO2 emission: 359 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.9 mpg / 15.8 l/100km. Further information: https://lnkd.in/d5UdV5WG

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