The new #OpelCorsa Electric is here! With many questions swirling around about its big range, fast-charging and future technology. We’ve got one answer: #YesOfCorsa

Say hello to the new Opel Corsa Electric! Our answer to all your questions:
#YesOfCorsa it’s the perfect blend of bold design, innovative technology and electric driving fun!
#YesOfCorsa it has an electric range big enough to go up to 405km, fast charging, dazzling Intelli-Lux® Matrix lights*, and the latest smart driving assistance.
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Energy consumption Opel Corsa Electric Long Range in Kw/100 km; 14,2 – 14.6; CO, emissions in g/km
Range 395 – 405 km (depending on equipped options) according to R (RC) No. 2017/1153 and
R (EU) No. 2017/1151