From the scenic roads of Lombardia to the heart-pounding bends of Emilia Romagna, our engines roared with pride, a motorcade of history on four wheels. As we sat behind the wheel, the hum of decades echoed with every rev.

The 60th Anniversary Giro Polo Storico wasn’t just a journey across iconic Italian locations; it was a journey through time. Celebrating 60 legendary years of Lamborghini. 
For four days, we didn’t just drive; we relived the dreams of every child who ever laid eyes on the emblazoned bull that adorns each one of our Super Sports Cars.

What a journey it has been! Here’s to the roads traveled, the memories created, and the timeless beauty that is Lamborghini.

Discover more: https://lam.bo/Giro_Polo_Storico_Yt

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