Towing Tips, Tools and Tech features over an hour of towing knowledge, plus advanced technology available on Ford trucks and SUVs that you can take advantage of. We cover everything you need to know from how to determine how much your vehicle can tow all the way up to the exciting features that add convenience to the towing experience, like Pro Trailer Backup Assist, Trailer Profiles, and more.

0:00 – Show Start
4:44 – What to Know Before You Tow
9:11 – How to Determine Your Tow Rating
10:20 – Hitch Ball Sizes
11:20 – Bumper Towing
11:57 – Knowing Your Trailer’s Dimensions
12:44 – Trailer GVWR
13:03 – Trailer Weight Distribution and Trailer Sway Control
14:42 – Electrical Wiring for Your Trailer
15:38 – Lining Up Your Truck and Trailer
17:59 – Hooking Up Your Trailer
19:44 – Manually Checking Your Trailer Lights
21:01 – BLIS® with Trailer Coverage and Tow/Haul Drive Mode
24:44 – How Towing Affects Driving and Mileage
27:16 – Backing Up and Parking Your Trailer (Ford Ranger® pickup)
30:03 – Unhitching Your Trailer
33:14 – Ford RV and Trailer Towing Guide
35:09 – Conventional Hitch and Adapter Sleeves
35:55 – 5th-Wheel Hitch
37:15 – Onboard Scales
38:15 – Smart Hitch
40:00 – Connecting a Gooseneck Hitch
43:01 – Adding Your Vehicle to the FordPass® App
43:56 – Trailer Profiles
47:22 – BLIS® with Trailer Coverage for 5th-Wheel and Gooseneck Trailers
48:33 – PowerScope® Mirrors
49:37 – Trailer Brake Controller and Saving Your Brake Gain
51:45 – Turn Signal View
52:55 – Load Adjustments and Smart Hitch
54:04 – Trailer Routing
56:57 – Lining Up Your Conventional Trailer
1:00:20 – Pro Trailer Hitch Assist
1:01:33 – Tailgate Down Camera
1:02:39 – FordPass® Trailer Light Check
1:04:48 – Trailer Theft Alert
1:06:20 – Backing Up and Parking Your Trailer (Ford F-150® pickup)
1:16:04 – 360-Degree Trailer Camera

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