9:11 Magazine. Episode 8. On the road: Curves / Leipzig on-road circuit / PPIHC 2018 / 597 Jagdwagen

Episode 8 of 9:11 Magazine is dedicated to the theme “on the road”: A selection of particularly rare Porsches gathers on the Grossglockner in Austria. The Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo flies around the Porsche on-road circuit in Leipzig, Germany. Eight Cayman GT4 Clubsports storm the summit of Pikes Peak. And: The Porsche Type 597 Jagdwagen conquers any terrain.

“On the road”: Episode 8 of 9:11 Magazine goes on the road – from the Grossglockner to Leipzig and the Rocky Mountains.

The journey begins on Austria’s highest mountain [00:29]. Spectacular corners and sports cars – the stuff of Stefan Bogner’s obsession. On the Grossglockner, the photographer and publisher of the purist magazine series “Curves” brings the two passions together and presents an extraordinary selection of special Porsche models, including two 911 STs, the Mission E concept car and the 550 Spyder.

Chapter 2 [02:59] takes us to the on-road circuit in Leipzig. Through eleven world-renowned corners, viewers experience an exhilarating drive and a massive shot of adrenaline: Race track designer Hermann Tilke has combined challenging sections of famous race tracks from around the world to create the extraordinary on-road circuit in Leipzig. The Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo takes on the most exciting passages.

Chapter 3 offers high adventure [04:59]. In 2018, Porsche enters the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, one of the oldest and most demanding hill climbs in the world, with a class of its own for the first time. The drivers contest the race to the 4,302-meter summit in eight Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport. 9:11 Magazine on the road in the Rocky Mountains – with fascinating tidbits from the history of the “race to the clouds.”

A Porsche that can float? Chapter 4 [07:33] looks back at the development of the first Porsche all-terrain vehicle with all-wheel drive. In 1955, Porsche answered the German Bundeswehr’s tender with the Type 597 Jagdwagen. It was a perfect all-terrain vehicle. With a 50-hp flat-four engine, engageable front-wheel drive and tipping the scales at just 870 kilograms, it was all but unstoppable – be it on land or water. Thanks to its tub-like body, in a transport convoy the 597 could also traverse rivers and other bodies of water.

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